Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Brrrrrr! It's Cold!

It is currently -21C outside at my house.  A good day to stay in and stay warm.

This morning, the sun was warming my sewing room so I went in to do some tidying. It is surprising how quickly you can make a difference.

I try to tidy after each project, but sometimes, I don't manage and stuff gets placed on the serger table, so my goal was to find the serger table again.


So the table is looking much better. The black fabric on the serger is the scrap catcher for under the cutting blades.

I am thinking that I might make the pink and white bag at the back of the table, a carrier for my grandson's art and remote school supplies. Yes, we are back to remote school, at least for last week, and this week. The carrier looks like a good choice for markers, pencils, glue and scissors. I ordered some gel pens today, because I think we need gel pens.

In case you were wondering, the stuff did get sorted onto the cutting surface, but I cleared it all away, too.

A bit more work is needed on the cutting table, but that is for tomorrow (along with the ironing board.)

I saw a posting for a test knit for a designer whose patterns I enjoy, so I applied. I checked first to see if I had yarn. This is what I came up with.

Isn't the colour perfect for a -21 C day. It is so warm and spring or summery. The colourway is called Midsummer. I was afraid the pattern would show, but it is showing nicely.


  1. -21 is, to me, unbelieveably cold. Our current maximum temps are in the mid 30s. Well done on the clean surfaces.....your project is the perfect antidote to winter.

  2. Did you say minus 21 deg C? I can't even imagine how that feels like. It's getting hot over here. It's mostly 30 deg C in the afternoon. Our "cold spell" didn't last very long. Do you have your serger out on the table all the time? I don't have space so mine has to be put away. My tiny sewing table is full always with my current project. And because my interest keeps changing, I have a few current projects. This year we became very serious about decluttering. I just sold my first decluttered item (magic cooker) in a 2nd hand market! Now I have a few hundred more items to list.

  3. Looks absolutely gorgeous and the colours are perfect for escape from the cold weather. Yes, those piles that accumulated from other projects need magic fairies to see to them, I wish. Once it is all sorted, the energy just shifts and it is rejuvenating to walk into the sewing room. Inspiration strikes and then the room is transformed into a colourful place again…

  4. Pretty shawl! I need some tidying done too, but making messes is more fun than cleaning them up, :(

  5. It seems to be a time for sifting, sorting and tidying during this wintry weather! I've been culling my knitting patterns and have managed to consolidate them properly, recycling some to the local thrift shop and others to the paper recycling bin.

    You're so right about that pretty yarn, too -- very cheerful, and I expectit will show off the new pattern very nicely.