Saturday, January 1, 2022

Last Finish and a Sort of a Finish

 I was making pajama pants for my favourite little boy. Unfortunately, I failed to realize that I had not made a waistband, until I needed a waist band. So, he received the annual "I didn't quite finish this" gift. (His mother got the annual "I bought it but I don't know where I put it" gift.) However, I sat quietly the other day, and figured out what needed to be done to make the waistband, since I had only scraps of fabric left.

The pajama pants are finished and you can't see where I pieced that waistband. Success. Note to self, buy 1.5 yds of fabric for his PJ pants now. He is growing up.

I also decided to do the Project Quilting Mystery Quilt Along, again this year. I did it twice before, here and here.

This time, I was not as happy with the results as my previous two tries. The end product is Project Quilting written in braille, as a wall hanging. I decided not to turn it into a wall hanging, that wasn't really my style, but after some thought, I decided it could easily become a tote bag. 

So this will be one side:

And this will be the other side:

I have enough of the blue to make the sides and bottom of the bag, and enough of the pink to make straps. I have kitted the blocks with the fabric, all ready to become a bag, 

I tallied my finishes for this past year. I feel as though I did nothing but make masks, but I seem to have done a lot more.


Masks         Too many to count (I lost track but >100)
PJ Pants         1
Christmas Stockings 2
Bindings         1
Zippered Pouches 5
Mask Pouches         3
Purses         2
Wallets         2
Antependium         1
Quilts 2
Laptop sleeve         1


Hats         3
Cowl 1
Shawl 3
Socks         2
Baby Socks 3

We also hosted 4 foster cats.

This is Dean, our current guest.

I also read a lot more than I did in 2020. My favourite book of the year had to be "The Rose Code" by Kate Quinn. 

I worked a lot on organizing my sewing supplies. I'm not finished yet, but things are looking much better and I am having an easier time finding what I have. I highly recommend comic book boards for turning fabric into mini bolts. This year, my office will also be receiving an overhaul.


  1. Happy New Year Kate, my Mum once told me of another lady, probably quite an accomplished seamstress, as they were called in those days. She was short of fabric for a sleeve, then found a piece, cut out the sleeve, then realised it was the back!!! Love your tally up, I have made more bags for Christmas, 2 for daughters, 3 for friend's granddaughters, 5 for daughter's friends, and have decided that any quilt that I am not going to actually quilt will be cut into bag fronts and backs.Dean, what a treat to be fostered for Christmas.If we didn't have Boris, I would like to do that here, but he would not take kindly to another in HIS territory.I, too, can organise my storage room as one daughter and grandson have taken SO much for their homes and camping gear went as well, I even have one empty shelf. So the next cool day, that is one job to tackle. Love the jamas too.XXX

  2. Happy New Year, Kate! Hello, Dean.....what a gorgeous "farm boy" you are, I hope you find your furever home. Well done on the finishes, and the jammies......could you have used a solid for the waistband? One of the members of my quilt group has done what you did, cut an unfinished quilt up for bags which she then gave as gifts.

  3. I have a lot of 1 yard fabric but I can't use them to make clothing except sleeveless top. So I'm "stuck" with them. Our new year started off super cold - 23 deg C. I'm wearing a jacket as I type. I might even wear long pants to bed. Wishing you a creative year.

  4. Congrats on the pyjama bottoms. I've made a few pair for my daughter (as an adult) but no longer. Ditto: boxer shorts for my son...but past 30 he didn't want 'em any more. I always bought far too much fabric for them -- still using scraps! Hope your New Year is happy!