Monday, July 25, 2022

In Praise of Libraries

 I discovered libraries when I was about 8. I loved them. You could go and get books, read them, and take them back to exchange for more books. By the time I was 15, I was spending so much time in the library that they hired me, and I started making $0.90/hr. to hang out at the library! It was a tiny branch, with a staff of 2 at any given time. In our free time, we were expected to read, so I always had a book under the counter. 

I went to university, where libraries became a place of research, or a quiet place to work away from my residence room. 

As an adult, I took my kids to the local library, I volunteered at the library, I even served as a Library Trustee for a brief period. I love libraries.

In these interesting times, I have been ordering lots of ebooks from the library. They are great because they return themselves.

Last week, on another blog, the author mentioned an article in the new issue of McCall's Quilting. My first thought was to try to buy a copy. Silly because I have been recycling all kinds of quilting magazines, lately. So, I decided to see if they had a digital copy at the library.

I now have a digital copy on my tablet, that I can read for three weeks, then it will check itself back in. I can even set a notification so the library app will tell me when they get the next issue. I think my magazine buying days are over!

Meanwhile, the weather has been really hot here (well for Canada). Last week, we got to 30.5 C. Quite a stretch from there to our February -25C. So, I have been knitting.

Baby socks take no thought and go together quickly, and a friend has a new grandbaby. Before long, babies will need wool socks again.

I also bought some yarn for Christmas gifts.

Ancient Arts was having a sale on some misdyed skeins. They look okay to me. I see these as a shawl/scarf and a pair of Border Collie socks.

I disn't post my last minute pretrip sewing.

I made a bunch of hand santizer pouches to give as hostess gifts. I like the Tula Pink teacups. I think I may modify the pattern to make cell phone cases.


  1. Libraries, one of my favourite places to visit, peruse, and take out books. What a wonderful way to have the magazine delivered, by virtual mail!!! At our High School, maybe 1954 onwards for 3 years, a friend and I worked in the small school library. I cannot remember if the cards were assigned to each pupil or to each book.A slow process, everything entered by hand.Jeanette lives in Auckland, and I am at least 5 hours further south, so we phone often, still wonderful friends after 68 years.

  2. I seem to remember having my own library card before I started school aged 5.....and have been a life-long worker and user in libraries since then. Must say, though, that I don't like how impersonal the local library has become with self-checkout and no friendly staff behind the desk, either.

  3. My history with libraries echoes yours. I too love libraries. I'm not fond of reading at length on screens -- I'd rather hold a book in my hands -- but I love audio books if the narrator has a good voice for the job. I took my kids to the bookmobile in our new subdivision -- and later, when library branch was built, to the library. Our family also supported their school book fairs. My library card remains one of my best friends!

  4. P.S. that "Anonymous" at 1:32 p.m. July 26 is me! I keep forgetting I need to take extra steps to identify myself. Sigh...

  5. Libraries are fun and they are great for all of us who enjoy reading and books. Quilting magazines are digital and that is fantastic news. The many hours spent reading is a very fond memory growing up. Love the baby socks and the yarn, which will be a surprise when it reveals its unique pattern. Hugs, Maggie

  6. I really must sign up to our local library now that we are back in UK, although I am never short of stuff to read as we are always stocking up in charity shops! Please let me know how you get on with that magazine - I have had an idea for a quilted jacket in the back of my mind for some time (not to mention the stash of fabric under the bed) and am looking for a pattern that I can use. I love your cute little socks. xx

  7. We have a lot of exchange markets for books :-) A large library is a wonderful place.
    Yes, really cute your little socks and pretty bag... I have to make myself a coffee :-)))
    p.s. I now sew linen trousers for myself. I'm happy.
    Hug for you from Viola