Saturday, July 2, 2022

Travel Adventures


I have been traveling. The last time I travelled anywhere was in October, 2019. Needless to say, this trip was very exciting.

I haven't travelled a whole lot, but having a bi-coastal family means that I've made a fair number of trips within Canada. One thing I know for sure is that one should never expect air travel to go smoothly.

My flying experiences started when I was in university. I was a co-op student and standby plane tickets in those days were about $25. So I used this when flying between my parents home and my co-op placement in Ottawa. On one trip, the plane landed at Peterborough and couldn't take off again. The airline offered a bus for the rest of the trip. (a 20 minute plane ride, 3 hours by bus). Most of the passengers made other arrangements, but the two starving students on the plane were going to be travelling by bus. Fortunately, a couple of businessmen with a private plane offered us a ride. So, I took a 4 seater to Ottawa, arriving about 2 hours after I was suppose to, but on time for work the next day.

A couple of years later, I took a trip to Vancouver to visit a friend who had moved there. The airline decided to go on strike while I was there. I ended up buying a standby ticket back to Toronto via Seattle, Chicago, and Detroit. Again, I arrived in time for work the next day. I now always fly with my passport.

I have had other adventures where getting home has gone less then smoothly. This time, our flight from Victoria to Calgary was going to arrive in Calgary about 2 hours after our flight from Calgary to Ottawa was going to leave. So we took another route home that saw us drinking coffee in Vancouver for a considerable length of time. At least we found reasonable good coffee.

So, what have I learned? Besides the passport, first off, be polite. The passenger agents are likely just as frustrated as you are. Start by asking for help. In this case, I asked if they could get me home. They checked and found that even if they sent us on to Calgary there were no seats to Ottawa on a later flight, or the next day even. So they sent us to Vancouver, where there were seats on the overnight flight to Ottawa. 

Secondly, be flexible in your plans. We have been upgraded by a passenger agent, and I think it was because we were not asking for anything but a flight home.

Finally, Canadian airports are a mess right now. The security people are unhappy and are taking it out on the passengers. If you don't need to fly, stay home. If you do need to fly, try to avoid major centres like Toronto or Montreal. 

I will be hiding in my house for the next while. However, it was worth the aggravation and delays for this:


Two of my favourite men, planning their activities for the morning! More BC pictures, soon.



  1. Worth it, for sure! A Canadian friend is in England visiting family, has been there for a couple of weeks....her bag finally arrived several days after she did, her husband's still hasn't arrived.

  2. Great travel advice. I never mind delays coming home, but get annoyed if I am going to miss any of my holiday lol. Airports here are in a mess too - not enough ground staff - the dreaded Brexit saw many of them return home to Europe - and covid meant many found jobs elsewhere. We are traveling at the end of September by which time I hope they will have ironed out some of the problems. Glad you enjoyed your trip. xx

  3. Holidays... so wonderful.
    We haven't planned anything yet... flights are being canceled everywhere.
    Last year we were in Sardinia... super nice... and the year before in Venice... heavenly :-)))
    I dream... first... :-) And now I'm going to have a visitor... I'm looking forward to that too.
    Dear greeting to you.

  4. Travelling there and back is definitely not fun at the moment, making memories are the cherry on top!