Monday, October 10, 2022

Giving Thanks

 It is Thanksgiving, today. In Canada Thanksgiving comes on the second Monday of October. Most of the country has finished the harvest, and snow is often seen before the end of October, so it makes perfect sense to us. However, when working for a multinational company, I would often have to explain why nobody had answered the phone on Monday.

We know the snow is on the way. It has been close to freezing when we get up in the mornings. The trees look like this:

And the ground looks like this:

My young friends from next door went on a walk with me, this morning, and suggested these pictures. We talked about the history of our neighbourhood, and how other places don't have big trees that turn red, orange and yellow. 

I have again joined Leanne at Devoted Quilter  in her WIPS-B-Gone Challenge.  It includes any project that you would like to get finished. I discovered a pair of baby socks with the first sock done as far as the toe, so I scored a quick finish by completing the toe and knitting the second sock.

Harry Potter socks for a little girl named Ivy, born in late September.

Meanwhile, Emme is celebrating her birthday, today.

She looks like a very grown up, serious, one year old. (We don't actually know when her birthday is, but it is around Thanksgiving.)

Meanwhile, her best friend, Mudd is trying to look grown up too.

Now to see how many more finishes I can manage.


  1. Such beautiful colours, love the carpet of leaves.....happy birthday wishes to gorgeous girl Emme! A Canadian who had worked in the USA told us that, when she went home for Thanksgiving, one of her colleages asked " y'all have Christmas when we do?"

  2. Such cute little socks! Always love to see your beautiful autumn colour - never seems quite so intense here although some years are better than other. Thanksgiving makes such good sense - the churches here are celebrating harvest festival but it would be much nicer for the whole country to give thanks. xx

  3. Happy Thanksgiving! And Happy Birthday, Emme! socks. I'm on the foot of the second of a pair for a June 2022 baby who'll now be needing them. There'll be another pair knit before I mail them off sometime next week. Our trees out here are less red and more gold, but our ground cover is similar...and we had a soaker rain last evening to make the old trees happy.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving! The trees looks beautiful and sunny your side. The frost is more each week. Here the leaves are starting to cover the grass and we know the garden season is over. Enjoy every day while we can walk outside, without winter boots. You are off to a great start with your works in progress, the only problem at this time of the year, we realize Christmas is not too far off and then we start a few more projects…

  5. Happy Birthday, Emme! I'm so happy to see you and little Mudd have found such a great home. Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

  6. Well done finishing the baby socks, they look so cute! Lovely to see your cats, they look very healthy. The trees we can see from our windows here are looking beautiful at the moment but some are losing their leaves fast! πŸ™‚ I’m off to look at the finishing party next. πŸ˜πŸ™‹‍♀️
    Hugs, Barbara xx (Flashinscissors)