Monday, October 24, 2022

New Things

 If you follow me, you know that I knit things and put them away until I need them. I rarely have a day without some knitting. 

Recently, I was bored of my ongoing knitting projects and just needed something different. I looked in my stash and saw a ball of yarn waving at me. So, I took it out and turned it into something for the gift bin.

It is another Fruit Rollup Hat in a colourway called Pixie. The turquoise, mauve and fuchsia were a delight for my eyes and the soft yarn was a treat for my hands. Lots of different stitches entertained me. A baby hat appeared in no time. Now it will wait for a tiny girl to arrive that needs just such a hat.

Another baby will be here very soon. So, tomorrow, I will send socks from the bin.

Along with them, a big sister gift of a hat.

It has already snowed where they are, so I think the gifts will be appreciated.


  1. Big sister's hat is lovely, and I think it is a delight to include the others when a new baby arrives.

  2. Very thoughtful of you to send a big sister gift, love the socks and the baby hat for the gift bin. It is a wonderful idea to have a bin filled with gifts for the future. Beautiful yarn for the baby hat.

  3. Cute gifties! Baby socks are fun to knit, eh? :-)

  4. That little hat is delightful - I adore the colours. xx

  5. So many pretty knits! Is the Fruit Roll Up hat your own design? I like it!

  6. hat no. 1 is awesome - so beautiful. And of course I like the other one too, is the teddy underneath it or is it a teddy bobble?
    Socks big or small are always needed. It's wonderful when children are on the way.
    Many greetings to you.