Tuesday, August 4, 2015

AQS Syracuse - Personal Favourites

It has taken me a few days to recover and process my trip to the AQS show in Syracuse, NY.  Today, I am going to show you some quilts that were my personal favourites, but didn't receive major prizes at the show. I am not sure why the prize winners won and these quilts didn't. Maybe that is why I'm not a judge.

The first quilt I saw was this one, that just blew me away. I first thought was, "I might as well quit making quilts right now, because I will never be here."

This quilt is call "Hurricane" and it is by Janneke deVries-Bodzinga from The Netherlands. It took third place in Large Quilts - Home Machine Quilted.

This is "Bodacious" by Claudia Clark Myers of Duluth, Minnesota. It was third place in Large Quilts, Longarm Machine Quilted.

Especially for Cheryl, this is called "One Cake, Two Cake, Red Cake, Blue Cake" by Linda Neal and Jackie Brown of McKinney, Texas.

This is "Nine Patch Show and Tell" by Molly Allen of Birmingham, Michigan.

This is Mary Wieser, standing next to her quilt "Green Piece". When she saw me taking her picture, she asked if I liked her quilt. I told her I liked it very much, but I might not be the best authority, since my fingernails matched her quilt. I thought it was lovely, bright and bold, just my style.

Finally, my absolute favourite, guess why!

This is called "Crime Scene Investigation" by Pauline Saltzman of Treasure Island, Florida. When you get close you can see the dogs' explanations of the crimes committed.

I have lots of pictures. I will share more later.


  1. Oh wow.......what amazing quilts! Thank you for sharing. Like you I could never be a show judge either - my picks seldom win.

  2. Wow, Kate, thanks for posting "Hurricane" (by Janneke deVries-Bodzinga). It truely is amazing and inspirational. Please don't really stop quilting ;-)

  3. I love the ones with the dogs, they are innocent of any wrong doing, always! Claudia's Blue and Yellow quilt is very striking, all the quilts are beautiful.

  4. Superbly stunning, " Bodacious" is my pick, but so much thought, planning, sewing, and finishing. I,too, often wonder why some get prizes and others left for the viewers to drool over in amazement.

  5. Ah, Kate. You really do have my number, don't you? I love everything about that cake quilt. Everything!