Sunday, August 30, 2015

My Summer Masterwork

Water by Fiddle Knits Designs, was a mystery Knit Along, that consumed most of my summer. My project notes say it took me over 6 weeks to complete.
It used about 610 metres of yarn and about 530 beads. It is now ready to wear and it is lovely.

It has lots of watery images. Some of the people knitting see the bottom sections as a whales tail. Some people see giant squid up near the top. I just see the ocean swirling and splashing.

This is the bottom section, with beads placed randomly to highlight the elongated stitches. You can see the picot cast off with beads on the flat parts. Don't look too closely, because I noticed as I was blocking it that I forgot to make a couple of picots. I can't imagine anyone inspecting the edge as closely as I did while I was pinning it out.

I had lots of fun with this. Thanks to Erika for another fantastic Mystery Shawl.
My project page is here.

And since it is Sunday, kitten pictures. I call this "You call this the cupboard under the microwave, we call it a kitten high rise."

My new kittens are very skiddish little guys (and girl) but if you enlarge the picture, you should be able to see 3 little faces. The grey boys I think we are calling Sterling and Royce, and the little girl, who looks like a rock star to me, will be Feist. Of course, the names may change in a couple more days, as we get to know them.


  1. Beautiful waves, with beading at the ocean's edge. at least, that is in my eyes!! And what a kitty haven to find bowls and towels all ready to nestle in, or play in, they are all lovely too.

  2. That's a beautiful shawl......reminds me of a tropical lagoon! Your cupboard was put there specially for kitties, was it? Because they seem to think so........

  3. My favourite colour, my favourite place to be the beach on a beautiful sunny day. As for those little bundles of fluff and fur, they know where to go and nest. Food cupboard must be close by?

  4. I don't know which I like better....the photos of the shawl (exquisite!) or the kitten photo.

  5. Gorgeous shawl, Kate! It is a real attention-getter!

  6. The shawl is spectacular! Those dropped stitches...whoa! Hope those kitties stay in the high rise and don't tackle with that shawl! ;-)

  7. The kittens are adorable and your shawl is gorgeous.

  8. this is beautiful. it really does evoke the feeling of the ocean.