Sunday, August 23, 2015

A Sneak Peek and Some Leftovers

I finished my Water shawl. It is in dire need of blocking to make it look pretty, but in the meantime here is a picture of the beaded picot cast off edge.  The pattern just called for a beaded cast off, but I decided to add the picots and cut down on the beads in the edge. I have also added beads to the last section of the shawl, because there is no such thing as too much bling, is there?

Because my hands must have some knitting, I thought I would like a change of pace and started a toddler sweater. I have had the yarn for awhile, but I think I better get the sweater done before it doesn't fit.

The pattern is Kindling, and the yarn is Marble DK in the Berries colourway.  The sweater is knit from the top down, with cables in the yoke.

For a little added silliness, I had a couple of pictures from my Syracuse trip, that I think are fun.

Yes, that is a giant Lifesaver.

The roll greets you as you enter the town of Gouveneur, New York.  I just had to find out why. If you want to know, check here.


  1. No, a girl can never have too much bling! Love that little cardy pattern, I have added it to my, if only I had a little girl to knit for......le sigh.......we have Life Savers here too, they were favourites in my childhood.

  2. Bling is fine, the pattern is super, and as for the Lifesaver? They would be too big to take in your pocket, but perfect for the whole team and more.

  3. I think the bling adds just that extra bit of sparkle, it also adds a little bit of a swing to the shawl, giving it energy. As for Lifesavers, always buys some of the coloured ones, for when I fly. Especially take off and landing.

  4. Well, now, you just knew I'd have to go look, didn't you? That is such a cool story. A very interesting man.

    I like your beaded cast-off and the new sweater, too.

  5. Too much bling? No, you can't have too much bling. I like the beaded cast off and the toddler sweater looks beautiful. I love your colour choices.