Monday, August 10, 2015

More AQS Syracuse

I promised to show some of the winners. These are all lovely quilts, though I don't think they are any more better then the others in the show. This is why I am not a judge. I couldn't even choose a quilt to nominate for Viewers Choice. I came home with my ballot.

Here are some of the prize winners.

Best Of Show: Stars on Mars by Gail Stepanek and Jan Hutchison, New Lennox, Illinois.

Best Original Design: Song of the Sea by Kathy McNeil, Tolalip, Washington.

Best Wall Quilt: Reborn by Molly Hamilton- McNally, Tehachapi, California.

Best Home Machine Quilted: Vivaldi by Moonlight by Sandra Leichner, Albany, Oregon.

Detail of the quilting:
The quilting lines are 1/16" apart, I can't imagine how you even do that. The show program said that she wanted to test the limits of her machine. There are also hand embroidered bees on the quilt, but I seem to have missed getting a picture of them.


  1. Wow......'Song of the Sea' is amazing! I'm like you, I always have trouble picking a winner. With so much beautiful work, and so much talent, how can you pick just one?