Wednesday, January 4, 2017

My First Finish

We woke up this morning to see heavy snow had fallen, over night. My white pine decided it was all too much.

There were branches all over the driveway. The contractor that clears our driveway used his bobcat to move them over to the side, so we could get the car out. The temperature is currently at 0 C, and we keep having snow blow through, while what is already on the trees and the ground is melting. It is kind of strange. It is expected to freeze overnight, which should cause a lovely mess.

Obviously, it is lovely weather for knitting. Because Jett doesn't have enough hats, I made him one more.

The lengths of yarn on the points are for attaching bells. I just need to figure out where I have put my bells, and some jump rings to attach them with.

It is a bit big for him, yet, but we have a lot of winter left. I used this pattern.


  1. Now that is the cutest baby hat I have ever seen in my life! Wow, your snow looks really cold......can't imagine how cool that must be. Our forecast for today is 32 deg, partly cloudy.

  2. That's an adorable hat!
    Just now on the evening news they said "Bitterly cold, frigid temps are on the way." It's going to be about 30 deg. F. It's not comfortable but I don't know if it's bitter and frigid...

  3. Lots of snow here (southern Manitoba), too! I'm already tired of shovelling. I'll take your 0C any day. How about I send you our -24C, -30C with the windchill?

    OMG! That hat is so adorable.

  4. Oh, my gosh, Kate. You've really started the year out right. What a cute hat for a baby!! I'm sure he'll look adorable in it. Thanks for sharing the Ravelry link.

  5. I love the hat, all happy colours. The bells will definitely start the festivities! What a clever idea.

  6. Love the hat. I bought bells in the Christmas clearance section today at The Bay - 85% off!