Monday, August 27, 2012

Crafting Cats

I have already shown a couple of my crafty cats, and so, by popular demand, I bring you a few more.

In 2005, we started fostering cats, in need a little TLC, until they were ready to be adopted. We thought we could give a few cats a better chance at finding a forever home, by socializing them and teaching them house manners. Since we have a good-natured dog, named Dolly, we also try to make the cats dog-friendly. Right now, our count of total fosters is 108 (but never more than 4 at a time, except maybe once).
Over time, the cats have helped me with crafting projects. Here are a few:

Here are Pepper and Mint, helping put stuff in the dryer. I like to wash my fabric as soon as I get it home from the store.

Rosemary liked to help fold. She sat on top, so it wouldn't get away!

Marilyn and Michelle are taking a close look at the quilt layout. Marilyn is pointing that I have 2 red blocks together, and should fix that.

Cupcake says that it isn't a quilt, until the cat has slept on it. The quilt is 9" X 12", so you can imagine how tiny Cupcake was at the time.

Finally, we have Doug, helping with the knitting. I generally discourage knitting cats, because their little claws tend to get tangled, but Doug was doing okay.

A little silliness for a warm, sticky day.


  1. Sweet photos. The cats and kittens are lucky to have you guys.

  2. Since I have 2 helpers of the feline variety, I love your photos! So wonderful of you to foster these beautiful cats.

  3. I have two helpers as well. I never have to worry about finding anything that has fallen on the floor:)

  4. There is something about kittens and quilts!

  5. pretty hard to beat kittens and quilts! If there was a contest for cutest blog post, you'd have it won!

  6. What a fun post, and thank you for fostering!