Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Bit of Foolishness

It must be silly season in my world. I finished a couple of projects, just because they make me smile.

I don't normally knit sweaters, except for babies, because I tend to lose interest round about the second sleeve. However, I finished a sweater yesterday, and it is not baby sized.
It is gift card sized!
Don't you love the cables!
Here it is, next to my Air Miles card, to give a sense of the size.
Not to brag, but that is a GOLD Air Miles card!

Advent starts this week, so I finished an advent calendar for my grandcats, Mini and Suzie.
It is hard to see, but I put a mouse in the pocket, so they can move it every day while they wait for Santa.
In more serious endeavors, I finished the first sock of a pair, and following the advice of Grandma Coco, I immediately cast on the second sock, so the first one won't get lonely.
The picture is a bit blurry. I am not sure what the camera was focused on. It doesn't show well in the picture but the yarn is a lovely beige and green mix. It has a little alpaca in the mix so it is lovely and soft. I already have 2 volunteers to receive the socks when they are finished.


  1. Make that three volunteers for those socks!!! What a fun post, you are obviously having a great time. I am not letting Polly and Maddie see that Advent calendar or they will want one too. The little sweater is adorable and shows off your fine knitting skills. Are you making sweaters for Mini and Suzie too?

  2. Wonderful tiny sweater! And Grandma Coco gives great advice, I just wish I could finish the first sock!

  3. I LOVE the little sweater! And Cassie loves the calendar. (Me too!) What great projects.

  4. Goodness, you made an Advent calendar for your cats and my adult children still don't have one. No wonder I get only small gifts from Santa.....
    Those little sweaters are also used as Christmas tree ornaments, in case you want to knit more. ;-)
    I have another advice to combat second-sock syndrome: I use a second set of needles and cast on the second sock at the same time as the first one, using the end of the yarn from the same ball if I don't need two balls anyway. Then I alternately knit both socks and they come out identical.