Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Snowball Auditions

A couple of years ago, I was given a Laurel Birch panel called "Bountiful Blessings". If you haven't seen it, this is the top half.

It is wonderful and bright, full of many of my favourite colours, and of course, from my favourite designer.
I put it away after Christmas, and it was forgotten last year, until too close to Christmas, so this year, I am determined to make into a wall hanging.
Yesterday, I pulled out my stash of Laurel Birch fabric, and selected some to go with the panel.
This will have to be part of it, but I am not sure how.
And I think I will make some snowball blocks. Three inches seemed like a good size, so I cut some 3 1/2" squares .
Yep, I have a good selection. Doesn't that purple just scream Advent!

Today I was auditioning sizes to use for the corners.

I think the ones on the bottom are just right, so now I am off to cut a bunch of 1 1/4" squares to sew on the corners.
Meanwhile, Mini, my grandcat, got her Advent calendar in the mail and sent me a picture of moving the mouse.
I hope she put it into the right pocket. I am not sure how well she counts, since she is only 9 months.
And her are all of my decorations.
I put on the pointsetta table cloth, and lit the first advent candle.

Journeying hopefully, Kate


  1. Yes, her colours and panels are great! I forgot mine, too. lol

  2. I like Laurel Birch too and have a few pieces but I never know what to make. I like that advent wallhanging but I guess I missed the part about "a mouse?" I hung up my advent calendar but my ornaments for it are in the Christmas decoratins :(.

  3. Oh, my gosh. I don't know what's sweeter.....the photo of the grandkitten, the fact that you made it for her OR the child who actually thought to take the picture!! I LOVE it all!

  4. I love to look at Laurel Birch fabric but never ventured to put any money down on it, I just could never think of how to use it, so I will be watching how your project turns out. Cats do things that we poor humans have no idea about. I'm sure your 'grandkitten' knows exactly where the mouse goes but won't show that he does!

  5. I have that panel! Actually, I have two of them, bought on sale a few years ago at a quilt shop in Red Deer. I made one up -- just the panel -- and hang it on my front door when I do my decorating (any time now). The other needs to be made up and find a home too... I love LB fabric and have a bit left (besides the panel) from a tote I made for a cat-loving friend one year.

    I'm thinking my baby Pookie (6 months) would love an Advent calendar like that (not to mention my Diesel and my grand-cats, even though they are older and profess to be more dignified!

  6. such a lovely panel, all those yummy bright colours. I'd be tempted to cut it apart and add some sashing and a few pieced blocks and turn it into something larger.