Tuesday, April 23, 2013

How Small Is Too Small?

In 2010, a friend went to Quilt's Canada in Calgary. She brought me back a lovely package of 10 fat eighths. They were in my favourite colours, purples, mauves, turquoises. For 2 years, I admired this lovely collection of fabric, enjoying how well they went together. I tried to think of a good thing to do with them. They were little, just 9" by 21". They didn't seem big enough to make much with.

Last year, I finally cut into them.
They were a perfect match for yarn of my Duetta sweater. I made the sweater to help Grandma Coco test the pattern, so it didn't have a baby to go to. The friend that gifted me with the fabric, had a granddaughter in March, and the sweater was a perfect gift for that baby. (It just seemed right)

Next I used the same fabric in my Cozy Quilted Mittens.

Then I made the fabric into Disappearing 4 patch, with a twist.
And finally, I made a test block for a project I am going to do next.
The binding has 5 seams in it, because the piece of fabric I was cutting the bias from was rather small.

Now I am left with a pile of scraps.
Not bad for fabric that was only 9" wide.

Is it time to toss the scraps, or is there one more project waiting for them?


  1. of course you are going to make fabric postcards with those perfect sizes scraps.

  2. Those scraps will surely be used in another small/tiny/ minuscle pattern, and look as lovely as the ones in the sweater and mitts. That sweater pattern is a sweetie. and, of course, my fav colours. Greetings from Jean

  3. Wonderful use of the fabric, and I'm sure you'll put the scraps to good use too.

  4. You did a lovely job using up the fabric...I wouldn't throw the scraps away. How about a crazy quilt trivet or mug rug?

  5. Your post reminds me of the book "Something From Nothing" by Phoebe Gilman. The scraps kept getting smaller and smaller and...I don't think yours are ready to toss as yet, a clever gal like you can find another spot to use them. The colours are so pretty as are your projects. I love that Duetta sweater!