Friday, April 19, 2013

Turning a Heel and Turning a Corner

I think there is something exciting about turning the heel of a sock.
I expect that part of the excitement is in the fact that the sock is more than half finished and I have entered the home stretch.  Just a few more inches of straight knitting, then the toe and I am done. Of course, there is still a second sock for this pair, but that doesn't dampen my sense of accomplishment.

However, I think the real pleasure is in the idea of knitting in 3 dimensions. I am sure it is my geek side showing, but I have delighted in this since I figured out (many years ago, at about the age of 10) that knitting on 4 needles was just a grown up version of spool knitting or corking. However, with 4 needles, you could go in other directions , as well. You weren't stuck just making a tube.

And turning the heel is really the coolest thing of all. With very little effort, you can make a 90 degree angle in your knitting, so that the sock actually looks like a foot. It just makes me feel so smart, that I can do this.

Meanwhile, at my house, there are big changes. We have become empty nesters!

In an effort to keep it that way, we are painting the bedroom, to turn it into a lovely spare room. Still needs a bit of work, though.

The cat and the dog are still here, so we won't be too lonely.

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  1. I share your pleasure in the heel turning. The whole concept of shaped knitting just opens a door to so many things. Nice sock!