Tuesday, April 9, 2013

March Tinner

My March "Tinner" was due today. This month, the request was for a block done in 1930's fabric. Not among my favourites, but part of the exercise is to try working with someone else's favs.

Since we can add some of our own fabric, I added some kitty fabric (the only 30's fabric in my stash).

The block might be called "Road to California" or maybe "Wild Goose Chase", but I think this one is "Kitties on the Road to Bed". Solves the name problem.

I was going to show you my helper, but he made his getaway, before I could get the picture.

That was Finnegan, before he ran away!

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  1. Sweet block, even sweeter kitty :) What's a tinner?

  2. Mauve and yellow looks so nice together. I also was sewing with some kitty print fabric this week. It was such a perfect mauve that I had to buy it.

  3. Great color....and always a choice block

  4. a fun block and always good to try to illustrate the point with something from real life -- just gotta find a way to keep a cat still -- well, they do sleep most of the day, but how many sleeping cat photos does one need?!

  5. Ha ha...love the escaping kitty:)

  6. Nice block, nice colour combo