Sunday, June 2, 2013

Bright Lights

While the True Love socks have been returned to an unknit state, I have been more successful with some other knitting.

Here are my socks, knit with a yarn from Indigodragonfly. The yarn is a silk/merino blend and lovely to knit with. The colourway is "Bright Lights, Big City, Busy Highway, Slow Unicorn".

The colour is a lovely grey and purple hand dye. It was too pretty to use for anything other than a very plain sock, so its lovely sheen shows. I think they are just perfect for my favourite paramedic, and I think I found them a ride to the east coast, in a couple of weeks.

They were suppose to be birthday socks, but he will understand (right, Mr. B).


  1. just a hint of purple shows on my screen. Very nice. Sometimes, no extra stitch pattern is exactly what the wool calls for.

  2. Perfect blend of purple and grey for a masculine sock. I agree with you and Heather. This colour blend needs to shine through. Stockinette is perfect for that. Hope your paramedic likes them! (And Happy Birthday, Mr. B!)