Monday, December 30, 2013

A Few Leftovers from Christmas

There still seem to be Christmas leftovers, in the frig, spread across the living room (doesn't anybody ever clean up around here?) and on my camera.

I will save you the pictures of the mess, and share a couple of pictures I haven't posted.

I made one more pouch before Christmas, and I think this might be my favourite so far.
Laurel Burch, I just love her whimsical cast of characters.

The Pouch

And the Inside
It was gift wrap for a gift for someone special.

I have this nail polish addiction, that my (all male) family thinks is kind of charming. So, here are the Christmas Nails.
The polish is called "Merry Christmas" and is from a Toronto company called  "Beyond the Nail". You can find them on Etsy. I found this under the tree! Oddly, the tiny pink sparkles don't really show in normal light.

And the annual Kitten in the Tree Picture.
Note the laser eyes!
Ignore the mess behind her, we had just finished opening presents!

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  1. Wow, Kate, did she think there might just be a little bird up there? Hope you had a wonderful day, and all Very Best Wishes for the New Year. Greetings from Jean