Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Preparations Continue

On Sunday, we put up the Christmas tree. Daisy was a big help, and continues to assess the placement of the ornaments.

Since we have a different kitten each Christmas, all the tree decorations are kitten friendly. I have large jingle bells around the bottom of the tree, so I can hear her when she climbs the tree. As you can see, she didn't like the tree skirt under the tree and has moved it to a spot she finds more comfortable.

Daisy has been helping me get my gifts finished.

We have been spending our evenings watching cheesy Christmas movies and knitting. The scarf is about 2 metres long and is in a merino/ alpaca blend, a lovely yarn. The socks are bamboo, because it is trendy and the yarn feels like silk. I will be interested to see how they wear.

I am still making pouches. I have made 8 so far.

These 6 were gifts to the members of my knitting group. I tried to pick fabric that suited each of them. They all went home from Knit Knight with their project tucked into their new bags. I finished the last one of this batch at 5:15, snapped the pictures quickly and ran out to Knit Knight, so the pictures aren't the greatest.

I think I will bake cookies, today.


  1. Daisy looks very happy hiding under there, and your scarf and socks, lovely gifts, I too have some hand made ones to give this year. Cheers, Jean

  2. Great socks, have a merry christmas.