Saturday, December 21, 2013

A Hot Night in Christmasville

Daisy, my 16 week old foster kitten, didn't follow us up to bed last night. She didn't wake us up this morning. When I came downstairs I discovered this.

Closer to the tree, I discovered this.
It was reminiscent of the morning after a dorm party in university, with drunks passed out all over the floor! It must have been some party, and I slept right through it.

Or perhaps this has something to do with it.
Can you see the kitten in the picture?

Here is the culprit resting up for the big party tonight.
You will note that she has the tree skirt arranged for her comfort.

You can see the cats of Christmases Past here.

I am off to redecorate the tree, so I can have fun watching Daisy tomorrow.


  1. I know, Daisy has seen all the photos of past Christmas cats, and decided if they could get close and climb the tree..., so could she!!! Loved the photo of her under the tree, great place to hide too. Cheers, Jean.

  2. Right back at you, Daisy! We're partying with the Christmas tree here in Nova Scotia too - that's the point of these things, isn't it? Why else would the big people bring them inside for us?
    Your cousins in crime, Polly and Maddie

  3. comparing the university drunks to the scattered cuddly had me laughing. Thanks.

  4. Love the pictures. Of course, you know I fall in love with all of your kitty pictures. If it wasn't for Mr Furball I would probably have a kitten now.