Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A New Bag

I am increasingly becoming a bag lady. This week, it was a new tote bag for the man in my life.

I choose some denim, from the vintage section of my fabric. The fabric has been aging long enough that it is faded where it was folded. However, I mostly worked around the faded line.  You can see the mark on the handle of the bag.

The fabric was two sided, with a solid colour on one side and a kind of paisley on the other, so I made the bag as a double layer, using the print side out on the inside. I also put a large pocket to hold his papers on one side of the lining.

We had all kinds of wicked weather lately. Good weather for knitting. I started a toe up sock, and I am working on the heel.
I am reusing the yarn that I used to make the ill-fated True Love sock last year. This sock looks much more like my foot.

I wound a couple of skeins, this evening, preparing for a winter challenge.
I bought the yarn and the beads from on line sources, and managed to end up with a pretty good match. There is about 800 m of lace weight there, so it should keep me busy until the weather warms up.


  1. I, too, so like sewing bags, and find wonderful patterns on line, the place to see other's designs, uses, sizes and so much more. I'm sure your man would be so happy with his one. Cheers from Jean

  2. Great bag!! I wish I could knit but I'm knitting impaired:)