Thursday, January 23, 2014

Moebius II

I had such fun with the first one, I just had to try it again.

The pink cowl needed a darker bear to really show it off, so I asked for a new volunteer, and this one was eager to join the blog.

The weather here has been really cold, so staying home, knitting seems like a fine idea. Now that I have mastered the basic pattern, I think I need to try a different 8 stitch lace pattern.

I may keep this one for me.

Meanwhile, I think my buddy Zippy is nearly ready for adoption. He is finally living up to his name.
He discovered the bell on the cat tree, and was making it ring, all by himself. The blur shows how fast he and the bell are moving.


  1. Hope the bears are sharing those lovely cowls. I agree, they are addictive to knit. It's interesting how the wider they get, the better looking they are.

  2. Lovely knitting, Zippy is ringing the bell so you can't fall asleep?