Monday, January 27, 2014

Dreaming Of Springtime

The snow keeps getting deeper, so I need to have a hit of springtime.

My Amaryllis bloomed this morning.

I love the way the sun was shining through the petals of the top bloom. The bulb has two stalks, so I should get a good show.
An arty shot. I see the cat toy in the background is the same colour!

Last week, Karen Neary introduced a new pattern on her blog, called Polly's Posies . Allow me to brag that I named the pattern, and I even got a credit! Since the pattern is so spring, I went into my stash today, to see if I had anything that would work for the pattern.
I think these two will work. The floral print might even be called "Radiant Orchid". Now, I just need a solid(ish) purple and a couple of prints with a white background. I am pretty sure I have the solid, but I may have to make a run to the quilt shop to find the whites.


  1. Beautiful flower, and petals almost translucent. Super choice of colours for your next project, And a credit for the name, congrats!! Cheers from Jean

  2. Polly and I can't wait to see your posies. No surprise you chose purple!! :)

  3. Yes, we have had quite enough of the white stuff. Your flower looks divine! And your fabric choices.... Even better!

  4. i think those Amaryllis bulbs were made for canadian winters to bring us joy in the cold dark winter months

  5. Yes enough with the snow....and the cold. Lovely flowers....thank you for the touch of spring:)

  6. I'm dreaming of spring too! Have fun with fabric.

  7. Lovely name, and a lovely block. I have just such an Amaryllis blooming in the window over my snowy garden .....