Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Back to Sewing

May and June were very busy months around here. We had family celebrations, house guests, new kittens. To accommodate this, there was some furniture moving, in and out of my sewing room. This completely churned things up, and I got to the point where I was afraid to venture in.

I had promised to make a couple of prizes for our street party, that happened last Friday. So, I got up my courage, and dove in. I spent about 1/2 hour moving things so I could work, and finding some supplies. Then I ignored the rest of the mess, and fell into my happy place, sewing.

First up: I saw this pattern for a  Manicure Pouch on Noodlehead. The pattern was free, and I had all the supplies, so it was a go!

I used a scrap of Laurel Burch "Flutterbys", for the outside. I don't have much of this left, I may have to look for more of it.

Here is the inside:

The fabric was in my stash, I am not sure what it is, but it is cute. I added a bottle of nail polish and some remover pads in the zipped pocket. I should have pulled the nail polish up a bit, so you could see that it is purple and sparkly!

This is a cute and easy project. I think I will make a couple more, to keep around as gifts.

Next up, A Firetruck Bag!

When my son was little, he liked to take his trucks with him, when we went out somewhere he might have to wait. I figure that are other little people who feel the same way, so I used Firetruck fabric on the outside and "vintage" dino fabric (left over from when my kids were little) on the inside. This is another Noodlehead pattern! I think I have made it about 12 times now.

I need to spend some more 1/2 hours moving things into their homes, but at least I am back at my machine.


  1. Those are really "happy" fabrics you've chosen, some lucky person will love the kit. And *of course* the nail polish was purple!!

  2. oh my little grandsons would love that fire truck bag

  3. I have the manicure bag pattern from Noodlehead, guess I better get at it and make some. Really like the fabric you used for the exterior.