Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Birds of a Feather - Part 3 complete

My progress on the Birds of a Feather Knit Along has been slow. It was suppose to be a Mystery Knit Along, but the mystery has been over for nearly 2 weeks, and I still have one more clue to go.

The shawl will be lovely and large when it is done but right now the rows are very long and seem to take forever to finish.

Here is my progress so far.

There are 649 stitches on my needle. The pattern has you working on half of the stitches, and making wedges.

Here is a closeup of the wedges. The picture shows 5 wedges in total, but my contrast yarn isn't enough of a contrast to show that well.

It will need some serious blocking before it is done.

The next part is kind of like the "choose your own mystery" books. There are 2 different ways to incorporate the final stitches. In one, you completely mirror the second section, with the cables, then use the Kitchener stitch to finish the whole thing. The other has you create a totally different wedge as the last wedge and work in all the stitches, row by row. I am still thinking about which I will do.

Today, I saw a finished version with a beaded fringe on the edge. I find that idea very interesting and it will save me from having to weave in all my ends.

 This is "World Wide Knit In Public" week. I will be looking for a nice patio to knit on.


  1. Nice colours! I like the way they go together. (649 stitches is a lot of stitches.)

  2. Kate, I hope your outdoors area is warmer than ours, down here we have cold wind, grey skies, and rain lingering a little. Lovely shawl, I do like that soft blue. Cheers,Jean

  3. it's looking great Kate. 649 is just a number, I have a scarf stopped at the point where it says to pickup and knit 2000 stitches. eeks.