Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Husqvarna Platinum 16

The local Husqvarna dealer offered an opportunity to try the new mid-arm machine with the Husqvarna Educator, on Saturday. I love having the chance to try new machines, in a setting like this where there is no pressure to buy.

Here is my sample.

They had us trying it without the stitch regulator and I was not really impressed because it didn't do any better at free motion than my regular machine. The stitch length was as difficult to control, so I have lots of different stitch lengths. Since we only had a small sample to work on, it wasn't really obvious what one would gain by buying this machine. The educator did demo the machine with the regulator attached, but it was again on a fairly small piece of fabric, so I am not sure how well it would work on an entire quilt. 

All and all, I decided that they didn't convince me to part with a large sum of money to add a new machine to my collection. Oh, and I managed to break one of the regular store machines, trying to tack down the binding!

The dealer did give us some nice goodie bags, though.


  1. excellent idea to take the machine out for a test drive. you really need to sit there with a large quilt and work on it and see how it goes. I rarely sew with a different machine, but am at the point of considering something new. Mine is 17 years old and I'm sure it's due for mischief.

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  2. Thanks for the info. I have used a Husqvarna for sewing/quilting purposes for about 10 years now and have loved it. It has never failed me. Recently though, I have been looking at bigger ones with more stitches, but unfortunately the Husqvarna's I tried all seemed like the one you describe here and I could imagine myself breaking it very quickly. Sadly, I did not upgrade to another Husqvarna...