Thursday, December 11, 2014

Christmas Knitting Progress

I have finished my Multidirectional Scarf.

I blocked it, and it is ready to mail.

Here it is, still on the blocking wires. Blocked it is about 6 ft. long. (My mats are 24" x 24", so no metric.)

A close up of the triangles.

The colours are quite true in this picture.

Meanwhile, I foolishly started an advent knit along on Saturday. (just 6 days late) I finished Day 8 last night, and the instructions say to "faux" block it, so you can determine if you want to add some length to the middle.
As Knit
After pinning to blocking mat
I am going to add one lengthening section. I really like the look of the lace. Of course, the recipient will either have to wait until after Christmas, or they will be getting it unblocked, since the last clue is published on December 24!

The pattern is here.


  1. Both are truly beautiful, and great way to block with wires. Jean.

  2. Isn't that lace so gorgeous, I love it!

  3. Kate, your fingers must fly on those needles! I can't believe you intend to have that lace finished by Christmas!! I am intrigued by your blocking, I've only used pins before. Maybe in another post you could show your technique?

  4. I like them both!! The lace is really pretty.