Tuesday, December 30, 2014

I Got It Finished!

The Advent Lace Scarf was finished before Christmas, blocked wrapped, and under the tree. No need for IOU or wrapping the yarn and needles. (My kids used to hate getting those.)

She wore it home!

Sorry, it was dark and I didn't use the flash.

This is how I spent Boxing Day, while others were insanely flocking to the malls.

It is nearly a hat. I think this one is going to go to the Warm Hands Network.

And this is how Gaston spent Boxing Day.
That is my foot, in the right top of the picture. The fire is just past my foot.


  1. And a Happy New Year, as down here we have some light rain, fireworks, and just over 2 hours to 2015. Beautiful scarf, lovely hat in that yarn, and Mssr Gaston, well he doesn't need any words. for he is just gorgeous as he is. Hugs to you, Jean.

  2. So much Happy in this blog post. Your scarf turned out really well. So lacey and delicate. And Gaston. He looks so comfortable.