Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A Blast of Winter and Blast From the Past

My 20 minute sewing commitment got a bit waylaid by the fact that my partner in all things went away for a week, and left me with the pets, the house and the snow. While we had not had a very snowy winter, with many of the major storms going south of us, the day after he left, the skies opened, and it snowed every day he was gone.

I doubt that I will be sitting out in the garden for awhile.

I did do some planning. I was looking for ideas for Grandma Coco's pincushion challenge, and I came across this pattern:

I realized that I had already done a project like that.

Mine was a Cub Car for my Venturer groups leader challenge at the Cub Car Rally.  Canadian Scouts build these in the winter, when outdoor activities are somewhat restricted. I decided to make a Venturer Van, since I was the Venturer Adviser.

It has a wooden base, to hold the wheels.
You can see the graphite on the bottom, a desperate attempt to get it to roll a bit faster. I placed last, in the actual race, but second in the Beauty portion of the competition. I have a ribbon around, somewhere.

I won't be entering this in the pin cushion challenge, but it is nice to know that great minds think alike.

If you want to enter, see the link in the sidebar.


  1. No - I don't suppose you will be sitting on those chairs for a few days! I like your Venturer Car.

  2. I'd love to be able to say I placed second in a Beauty contest! :) How well I remember the days of cub cars: competition was fierce and nerves were high! Yours is a very creative entry.

  3. Kate! You hafta enter your Venturer Van! I just checked the official rules, and nowhere does it say you can only have one entry. Enter as many times as you like!! Too bad you hadn't stuck a pin in your van before you took the photo. :)