Tuesday, February 17, 2015

DaGMT 2015 - Day 17

I must admit, throwing myself into my sewing room everyday to sew, is making progress in my project.

Today I made the zippered pocket and attached the card pockets to the base of the clutch.

The side flaps are stitched to the card pockets, so I needed to prop them open to show you.

The zipper pocket is sewn and ready to be attached. I need to do some marking for the stitch lines, first.

I can now see what the finished clutch will look like. I have fabric left over, so I think I will need a matching passport case.

I have found some tools to be essential in getting a good result.

My two basics, Wonder Clips, and my trusty ripper, Jack, have been an important part of this process. The clips hold thick pieces firmly together, so nothing slips. I am sure you know what the ripper is for. I also made liberal use of double sided tape, to hold things in place while I sew.

I think if I spend about one more hour on this, I will have it finished.


  1. sweet clutch!! And gotta love wonder clips

  2. Such an interesting design! I use those clips too......found some slightly smaller ones in the stationery dept of a local store, already had the Clover ones, so now I have lots.

  3. What a sweet little clutch! I love those clover clips too. They're handy for some many more things than just binding.