Friday, February 13, 2015

DaGMT 2015 - Day 13

Or Day 4 in my case, since I got lost in the snow for a few days.

I actually got back to my sewing room yesterday.

I spent some time fusing the interfacing onto the pieces for the clutch purse I am making. How can you lose a  1.5" square of Peltex. I am sure I had it on the table, I know I had it when I started. However, when I went to fuse it to the fabric, it was gone. I am sure it will turn up, as soon as I finish the bag.

Meanwhile, I spent some more time on my cat treat bag. I went back to that, today and now it is FINISHED!

I must admit, it was way more work than I thought it would be.  I used scraps of binding, I found when doing some tidying, which saved a bit of effort.

It is far from perfect. The plastic packages are not nearly as flexible as fabric is. However, it is fun and funky and I think it works as a lunch bag.


  1. A fun idea - and it will work very well as a lunch bag!

  2. Yours looks great!! Much neater than mine. What else do you think we could make those treat bags? I still have a tone of them. Coffee bags, too.