Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Finishing up March

I managed to finish my afghan that I have been working on all winter. My notes say I started January 7.

 By the numbers it has about 65,000 stitches in it and 1800 metres of yarn! No wonder it took me all winter.

Last week I had a doctors appointment, and since this was way too large for waiting room knitting, I did this.

Want a closer look?

It is a baby sock, knit from Kate Atherly's baby sock pattern, with a garter twist cuff. Isn't it cute? I think all the babies will be wearing lime green, this spring. The second sock is underway. I did forget to cast it on when I finished the first, however, the ribbing is nearly finished, so no danger of second sock syndrome.

I also finished another pillowcase dress.

The kit came with white binding, but I thought that was kind of dull, so I dipped into my bag of left over binding strips.
This piece was left over from my Maritime Beauty!
The afghan went for a soak in the tub, so it was ready to block.

And then we took Doug to the dog wash.

He doesn't look very happy, but at least he smells better now.


  1. You have been so busy, lovely idea to have a small " Doctor's visits" project, with the so many we have had, I need something to take too. Lime green, bright and beautiful.

  2. Ha, ha. No, he doesn't look too happy. Great projects. I love the little baby sock and that afghan is so pretty. Well done.

  3. Thought that the sock was adorable til I saw puppy! Puppy wins ☺

  4. Poor old Doug seems to be pleading, "Put down that stoopid camera, and get me outta here!!" Love the tiny sock with the enormous afghan.

  5. You're a busy lady, the afghan is fabulous. Love the expression on Doug's face :)