Saturday, May 16, 2015

The End Is In Sight

I was starting to think of my mystery shawl as the shawl that never ends, but I have finally started the last clue.

It is getting quite large and detailed. The 300 rows of the 9 stitch narrow border was the part that seemed endless.

It is a dull day, so it is hard to get good pictures. However, you can see the narrow cabled border at the top of the picture.

My Ravelry Project page says I started April 11, so I guess it hasn't been that long. I just want to see it finished, so I know what it looks like.

I am now at work on a 25 stitch lace border. I have 306 stitches to work into the border so it is going to take awhile! ( about 612 rows)

My Ravelry Project Page.


  1. This is almost a "Full Time Job", and where do the cats and dogs fit in? Down here little Ginger is still with us, Hugh muttering words like " I would like to keep him" and I think>>> Who is going to do the vet visits, worry when he goes outside and gets lost, try and get Felicity to accept, and not spit, hiss and growl? Who cleans the litter tray? Who feeds him in the middle of the night? And the vet clinic has 2 families on the "adoptee" list waiting, so we will see. More photos today, it I can get him to sit still long enough. p.s. beautiful knitting.

  2. Well, that is very you, I'm curious to see where it is leading!

  3. Oh my, you are so patient, but I am sure it is worth all the work!

  4. I love the sculptural quality to those leaf fronds! Very nice! Maybe compulsively calculating how many rows isn't such a good idea? Seems like a huge job to me. I don't dare calculate how many rows on my baby blanket. I'd be discouraged, I'm sure.