Saturday, May 23, 2015

The Queen's Birthday

Traditionally, in Canada, the Queen's birthday is celebrated on May 24, which was Queen Victoria's official birthday. In my part of Canada, it marks the unofficial start of summer. These days it is celebrated the Monday before May 24 so we get a long weekend.

Last Monday, we got a day off to celebrate. My neighbourhood had a parade, with pipers, flags and kids on decorated bicycles.

Dolly loved the parade.

Doug was not so sure, it was his first parade.

It was a lovely day, with a high temperature of 25 C. We followed the parade visit with a barbeque of burgers, traditional food for this holiday.

Because the weather this time of the year is fickle, last night we had frost warnings, and a low of 2 C.

We covered the plants and today, everything looks very spring like.
They will look better when they have filled in a bit, but my patio has herbs and flowers. I no longer have much in the way of gardens, because the trees make my yard too shady. The pots can be moved.

I got bored of knitting the lace border on my Earth shawl, so I did something different for a change. So, today's Department of Redundancy Department picture:

Yes, it's a bear, wearing a hat with bear ears. Babies aren't cute enough, so now I am making them hats with bear ears, because that is even cuter. Here is the pattern.  The yarn is Cascade 220 Superwash. I think I will try cat ears on my next one.

I was looking through my stash and found these two balls of yarn, asking to become a project together (doesn't everyone's yarn talk to them?)
I am not quite sure what they will become but they seem to need to go together. I haven't knit anything purple in a very long time.


  1. I love a parade too......especially when there's a band involved! Your garden pots are very pretty and putting flowers in with herbs is a good idea. I'm with you on the baby hats too!

  2. White is nice, but purple, and the yarns together, this will be sparkly and something special.

  3. I love the purple sparkley ball right on the left. Christmas in July? My fabric talks to me. So if yarn does, it must be the same thing.

  4. The bear hat is SO CUTE! I look forward to one with cat ears.

  5. Your flowers are beautiful. Love your department of redundancy! Too cute for words.