Sunday, May 3, 2015

A Bit of Knitting

A local school is collecting baby things for a Mother's Day shower, for a home for teen moms. I decided to make another Twisted Cuff Baby Hat.

Lacking a baby to model, I made a call for volunteers.

I think this model is perfect.

A better view of the hat.

I also finished the second clue in my MKAL shawl "Earth"

The wingspan is getting quite wide.

The final shape and design is still a mystery, to me. Clue 4, the final clue, is was released on Friday, so I am officially one week behind now.


  1. Yes, your model is definitely perfect! The shawl is interesting - not sure what shape it will be.

  2. Teddy posed so well, maybe he is hoping for another photo shoot. Love that wee hat. it will be so wonderful for any new Mum.

  3. Awww....the bear looks happy in the hat. Such a nice design.