Thursday, September 17, 2015

A Finish and a UFO

I was going to post this yesterday, but I had a mysterious computer problem. I spent some time trying to figure out what had happened and finally determined the root cause of my problems...KITTENS! I should have figured it out quicker when I found them playing in my "office".

It appears that they were playing hide and seek, and some kitty stepped on the power button of my UPS. I may have to mount it on the wall.

Last week, I was asked to make a toddler hat for a friend. she wanted to give it to her niece. We searched my stash, and picked a pattern to search her chosen yarn. This is the result.

I think it is delightful. I am sure all the other toddlers in daycare are going to be jealous of her designer original hat.

The pattern is Fruit Roll-Up Hat, by Lauren Sanchez. The yarn is KnitPicks Chroma Worsted in the Groovy colourway.

And of course, the bear modelling picture.

I love how the hat forms a crown around the top, just right for a little princess, without being too pink.

After I finished the hat, I went on a day trip, with a friend, to Almonte, ON. I found this in a store called Textile Traditions.

It is a kit for a simple hat, with a stuffy head where the pompom would go. I fear that I may start decapitating Beanie Babies to make more.

After all my studio tidying, I have picked the first UFO to work on.

The top has made 3 trips to retreat, due to numerous problems. It has been finished for probably 3 years now. I even had a backing, which just needs a seam to make it fit. With luck, I haven't used the binding fabric in another project.


  1. What a cute hat! At that age one can get away with wearing something as amazing as this. Love the beanie baby for the top of the hat. Do they come in little Moose studies too?

  2. The hat is a winner, and kittens and plugs, just all in a day's work... maybe that should be play!! for them.

  3. Now that's one stylish hat! I like the animal hat topper idea too. Your quilt fabrics are familiar......I had the black background with different coloured instruments, the last piece went into my grandson's quilt late last year! Perhaps the guilty kitty wants to become a computer technician when it grows up?

  4. That hat is adorable. I love the idea of the stuffie instead of a pompom. It would inspire me to start decapitating beanie babies, as well. Kittens are so much fun.........