Tuesday, September 8, 2015

It's a Work in Progress

A friend was over the other day. She had recently retired from a position as an Educational Assistant working with Learning Disabled students. She has taken up quilting, and was over to get some help and shop my stash.

She looked at the stuff and decided I needed a more visual way to store my WIPs and UFOs. So here is her new system for me.

Tops are now stored, with their backing fabrics, in plain sight of my ironing board and sewing machine. As well, all my large pieces of fabric are hanging here. It looks much better, and motivates me to finish some of these.

She also kept coming up with orphan pieces of binding, from projects finished. Now they are in a shoe box, ready for when I need just a bit of binding.

None of these ideas are new, I am sure, but somehow, when you are in the midst of your stuff, it often takes someone else, to show you the solution (she also donated some hangers).

It should be noted that she went home with a bag full of things that I will never use but she thinks she can have fun with. I also have a bunch of blocks ready to donate to Victoria's Quilts.

Meanwhile, September brought 30 degree weather. For the non-Canadians that is unseasonably hot. Not much sewing being done in my tidier room. However, I am still working on Kindling.

It is progressing nicely, although straight stocking stitch is a bit of a bore.

My kittens are getting more social. They had been brought to the shelter as strays and had very little socialization before they came to us. They have quit hiding and are now spending more time in our company.



  1. Earlier this year I did the very same with my unquilted tops! Kindling is a great pattern, I like it. You know.....if we had a vacancy any (or all!) of those kitties could come and live here, they are all gorgeous!! But their little legs might get tired of paddling such a long way......

  2. What a great idea. Right now all my unfinished tops are in project boxes with all their fabric that have not been used yet. I might forget all that I am working on and impulsively try to finish something. It has been hot here in Hamilton also. But it is cooler at night so nice for sleeping, except the crickets and cicadas are really noisy if the window is open.

  3. You do realize all those organized backings and tops are now going to scream: " Finish us!".
    The Kittens have very apt names, love the very posh English names. Is Feist by any means a girl, she srikes me as the Scottish Lassie amongs the lads? PS: now can you send your friend across to my side as at the moment I am not sure what to do with my sewing room, can pay in fabric.... (just pulling your leg.)

  4. What a great way to store your tops and backing. Good luck with your knitting.

  5. How on earth can you you tell Royce from Sterling? (Both handsome, of course.) Your little sweater's looking good.

  6. Hi,
    Love the sweater. The organization looks great. The kitties are cuties.
    Have a great day!