Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Thank You For the Music

I finished the quilt that I showed a couple of weeks ago. I don't remember when I started this. I spent about 2 years collecting up the fabrics. The top went to my retreat weekend, 3 times, I think.  It is amazing what a concerted effort will accomplish, once I decided to get it finished.

I am a big believer in the idea that done is better then perfect. I called this quilt "Thank You For the Music"

It is a very large lap quilt. I think it measures about 58" by 72". It is a gift for the child that caused me to learn to read music, long after I ever expected to learn. Music played a major part of both our lives for the years he was growing up, starting when he was 3. He is a man now, but I think he will like this.

There are notes and music and paw prints, and jazz playing cats. Even the binding and the sashing have music notes.

There is also some fabric that isn't music, but looks like it should be. It is quilted in a simple serpentine cross hatch, since done is a good thing, and I could get that done easily.

It even has a label.
Nor fancy, but done! His brothers quilt had the last stitch put into the binding at about 11:30 the night before the quilt show, so it went to the show without a label. When it came home, brother grabbed it, and I never got a chance to add the label.

The pattern is "Magic Tiles" by Kathleen Bissett. Someone told me it was quick and easy. I didn't find either of those things to be true. Since it took me years to get it finished, I can see how much my skills have improved in just one quilt.

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  1. I am so sure he will treasure this for all times, so fitting for the man who introduced music all those years ago. Super colours and design, and the label tells all.

  2. I love it! I never knew you could read music, Kate. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. You're an inquisitive girl, just like me, and there are lots of things for us to learn in this world. Learning new stuff keeps us young. :)

  3. Dear Kate

    WOW! It is a fantastic Quilt! I love the fact that it has music as part of the connection. What instrument inspired his love of music? Not an easy thing to read music. In our house it was drums and guitar, the teenage years was a very interesting experience.

  4. Congratulations on your finish. Beautiful story. It does not look like an easy quilt.

  5. Lovely quilt, I especially like the border.The timing is great since our weather has turned cold. I am sure he will welcome this!