Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Knitting Progress

The snow has given me lots of time to knit.  I am pleased to say that progress has been made.

I have one lace sock completed. In line with my friend Cheryl's advice, the second sock was immediately started, before the needles had a chance to think of something different they might like to make.

The Valentine KAL Shawl is getting bigger. It will be an interesting shape.

It is a bit hard to see in that picture, but there are hearts, knitted into it.

Finally, I started a cowl, just because. The yarn is a kind of silky synthetic, that I think will drape nicely, and is purple!

It looks kind of blue in that picture, so you will have to take my word that the yarn is purple.


  1. So many knitting projects. I love the shawl shape! So delicate! Winter weather means time to create! https://pegsplace.wordpress.com/

  2. That is a BEAUTIFUL sock! Some day, when I grow some patience, I think I might try to knit.... who am I kidding. I'll leave that to the people who do it well! Your shawl and cowl look quite pretty. Funny, I was thinking of starting a cowl this week!

  3. I can see the hearts! What a gorgeous sock, it looks very snowy......matches the weather beautifully. Cowls are a good idea - I'm sure they wouldn't fall off or lost like a regular scarf.

  4. Gorgeous work, Kate! Good idea to get the second sock started right away. I have that same problem with my needles...always coming up with other projects to start.

    I'm going to have to pick up some purple yarn. Such a lovely colour for spring...anytime, really. ;)

  5. Hi Kate,
    Beautiful sock, love the lacy look. Your poncho is coming along nicely. Have a great day!

  6. Those socks are beautiful. I have a really old knitting book that has a similar pattern..
    Hope you have your shovel warmed up, looks like we are in for a three day surprise