Tuesday, March 1, 2016

New Month - More Twenty

Some how, I started out very well on my twenty minute challenge, but somehow, by the middle of the month, I had lost momentum. Maybe all the snow caused me to snuggle by the fire instead of going to my somewhat chilly sewing studio.

This morning, the sun was pouring in through the window, and I managed to get in to play, again.

I started a quilt a long time ago.  It moved to the finished top pile and never went any further.  I pulled it out last week, and tried to figure out what was still needed. I discovered that the problem was that the back was exactly the same size as the top, and needed to be made a bit bigger. I had already added one piece to the back, so today, I added another.

Pretty wild, isn't it. Trust me the front is even wilder.

I also took the time to cut and piece the binding. This is the binding fabric.

Do we sense a theme here? I think, when the whole thing is together, it will work. I have a wall that has been waiting a long time for this piece.

My next Bag of the Month Pattern came today.

As soon as I saw this bag, I knew which fabrics I wanted to use.

However, when I went into my stash to pull the fabric, some others wanted to play, too.

I may have to make 2 bags, this month. Of course, I haven't started February's bag, but it can wait. It might be a good project to take to Quilt Retreat in April.


  1. These colours is just perfect. What size are the new bags? Retreat is the time for creating masterpieces!

  2. Cats galore, will this be for you?or one of the loved felines? Even for one who might stay for a little while? Super fabrics, my favourite is the floral,almost paisley design, no, that's not right, is it Jacobean? Beautiful.

  3. Loving the cat prints!
    Something about snowy weather gets me in the mood to work on my quilts. Maybe the light in my sewing room?

  4. What fun fabrics......all of them! Your two new bags will be lovely. I've been trying to keep up my 20 minutes a day too and have succeeded more times than I've failed, but like you sometimes the weather stops me - but ours is heat, not cold.

  5. Great kittie quilt back. The fabric for the bags is nice and cheerful. I like the idea of 20 minutes a day! Nice small increments.

  6. The cats and floral fabrics are all awesome! My favourites are the purple/grey selections for the bag. Very nice.

  7. I want to visit your fabric stash. I bet you could charge admission. :)

  8. LOVE your cat word binding fabric! I think you will have to make two bags - great fabric choices.

  9. love the binding fabric. Can't wait to see what it looks like on the quilt. I have a huge stack of quilt tops that I need to get to. Am going to start with the ones currently on my work table.

    Thanks for linking up with Needlework Tuesday.