Sunday, July 17, 2016

A Weekend of Finishes

Sometimes it feels like I'm are getting nowhere.  Then, sometimes, everything just starts to work.

The blog is called Arts and Socks for a reason. I have this odd addiction to knitting socks. Not usually very fancy socks. Just plain, ordinary, wearable socks, in interesting yarns.

Two pairs were finished this weekend.

The pair on the left are an adult men's size in Regia Pairfect Cotton. The pattern is the one I have stored in my head. This is very nice yarn to knit with, and, although one of the nine year olds, in the group where I teach knitting, thought the the tiny bit of pink in the yarn meant that no man would wear them, I think I will have no problem finding a new owner for these.

The pair on the right are in newborn size. These are My First Regia, and are from the ball I bought last week when I got caught having to wait, without my knitting. The pattern is Baby Socks by Kate Atherley, and I have knit them enough that I can do much of it without the pattern. I am told by new parents that they do not kick off.  Unlike the adult socks it is pretty much impossible to make the baby socks match, unless you want to waste a whole bunch of yarn.

I am obviously in my Turquoise Period, since the socks are very similar colours. I love the contrast in the sizes.

Meanwhile, the Alberta shawl is currently swimming in the hot tub. The knitting is FINISHED!

In a few minutes, I will rinse it, and block it. Pictures, soon.

This week, we again had a feline staff change. Maddie is now with her forever family, and we have Copper carrying out all the cat duties.

She is a little cutie pie. I am told the female red tabbies only occur once in 10,000 red tabbies. Not sure how true that is, but they are rare enough that the staff member giving her to me kept referring to her as "he".


  1. Hello Copper, you gorgeous thing you! We used to have a red tabby girl, her name was Belle......and yes, even vets referred to her as 'he' on more than one occasion. I love the sock yarn colours, the turquoise is really pretty.

  2. Your socks are the Best! I should know, I have a pair, they will be going on a Grand adventure with me soon. What will happen to the little socks? Copper looks so relaxed on top of the cat tree. She is welcome to come visit our house anytime!

  3. I'm going to have to get some of that sock wool. They're lovely! (or handsome, I guess) Looking forward to seeing your shawl all blocked and dry. And Copper! What can I say? She knows she's special, I think.

  4. The socks look great and I am in a long term aqua/teal phase. Not looking like it's ending any time soon. Thanks for linking up with Needlework Tuesday