Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Alberta Shawl

On May 11, Anne-Lise Maigaard offered her pattern for the Alberta Shawl, for free, to anyone who donated to a group providing relief to the victims of the wild fires in Fort McMurray.

I made a donation to the Edmonton Humane Society and encouraged others to do the same. I also heard about Anne-Lise's generous offer from my friend Cheryl of Grandma CoCo's Designs.

On June 1, we challenged each other to a knit along. It wasn't a race, just a chance to work together, even though we live about 2 hours apart. As one of us got to a tricky section and worked it out, we would tell the other how we solved the problem.

It took us six weeks, many emails, and a lot of beads, but now we are done.

I had a hard time finding a towel big enough to lay under it. You can't quite see the whole shawl.

A closer view of the lace. My points aren't all exactly the same, but the fault is in the blocking. Doesn't it look like a giant lace doily?

The yarn is Gloss Lace, by Knit Picks, 70% merino wool, 30% silk, and 100% a joy to knit with. The colourway is Sterling.  The shawl has in excess of 700 beads and  about 600 m of yarn.

Drop over to Cheryl's blog and see how hers turned out.


  1. wow, it is so very lovely. Well done . Some day I shall try knitting with beads.

  2. Wow! That shawl is absolutely gorgeous! Great job.

  3. That is beautiful!!!! And a crazy amount of stitches!

  4. It`s beautiful! Yours looks denser than mine. I`ll bet it`s warmer. Mine`s a little frothy thing....more for looks than for warmth. Thanks for suggesting this knit along.

  5. The shawl turned out great! And I love the socks from last weekend. You will have no trouble finding people to wear them.

  6. One pink,one pale grey/blue, picture perfect, and for such a good cause.Beads galore, and fine stitches, truly lovely.

  7. Dear Kate

    Love your knitting, this shawl has knocked it out the park for a six! Popped over to Grandma Coco's just now. These shawls are works of art!

  8. A gorgeous piece! I can't imagine that many beads in the shawl. Your work is simply beautiful.