Sunday, July 10, 2016

Sunday Ramblings

I have not yet blogged in July. Our weather has been really hot, so I have been doing little. I actually drove a friend to an appointment this past week, and forgot to take any waiting room knitting. Luckily, there was a wool shop nearby, and we were early, so I could make a quick stop. Equally lucky, I don't need a pattern to cast on a pair of socks.

Yesterday, at the local farmers' market, the strawberries looked wonderful. Since this was probably the last week for strawberries, due to the heat and lack of rain, I bought a 3 litre basket. The berries have now been transformed to this.

I made 10 one cup containers of uncooked strawberry jam for the freezer. When February rolls around again, and the snow is up to the windowsills, some strawberry jam tastes wonderful on a warm scone.

In other food related news, I discovered these at the store, yesterday.

The Covered Bridge Potato Chip people have made Canadian patriotic chips, from red and white potatoes. Covered Bridge Potato chips are made near Hartland, NB, home of the world's longest covered bridge. This is a YouTube video of Rick Mercer, taking the factory tour.

I am progressing on my Alberta shawl. The next row uses 90 beads, so I was trying find beads that go together, since I don't think I have 90 the same. I started with the matte beads in the middle, but I only have 52 and even then they aren't all the same. I expect I am worrying too much about the bead colour placement.

Earlier this week, I dropped my container of beads. They hit the floor and spread everywhere. I had to remove the pets from the room, crawl around, sweeping them up with a whisk broom, then vacuum, and pick the beads out of the vacuum cup. Every now and again I find another bead. If I am short at the end, I have some silver lined clear beads, that will work for the last row.


  1. Put a leg from a pantihose on your vacuum wand and fasten it well with rubber bands. This is my go to for picking up those tiny things I frequently drop, like pills, pins, beads....those stupid things that are usually the only things we drop.

  2. Yum, strawberry jam! I have had sweet potato chips, and beetroot chips too - really nice, but they aren't red. How frustrating, dropping those tiny beads.

  3. They finally found something good to do with red potatoes! I never could get past putting brown gravy on purple potatoes (the red potatoes I had turned purple when boiled). We don't grow them anymore.