Sunday, March 5, 2017

Bags, Bags, Bags

I have been on a bag making binge.

I started with the sample I made for a possible class at my quilt group.

I got some takers for the class, so I needed to partially make a second bag, to show the steps.

The pieces were cut and labelled.

One side of the lining was made, to show how the pockets go on.

My little band of students finished the first part, last week. They were to go home and quilt their exterior pieces. So today, I finished the lining and did my quilting.

These pieces are ready for my class, tomorrow. I really must finish this one this week, before it becomes a UFO. I am sure I can find a taker for a purple bag.

Meanwhile, last year, my church group made a Dresden Plate quilt, to send with a group going to Virginia for a Habitat for Humanity build. The quilt will be given to the family who will live in the home, as a warm hug from Canada.

There were two blocks left over, and I volunteered to turn them into a tote for the quilt. Of course, I had a whole year to finish the tote, so I finished it yesterday, just in time to send it with the quilt.

I used every scrap that was left from the quilt itself, plus another scrap that I thought worked for the handles. The edges and lining of the bag are made from the scraps of the baking. The bag has a zipper in the top, and with luck, the quilt will fit inside.


  1. Love that bag, and what a gift the quilt will be.

  2. What a lovely gift for a family in their new home! I'm sure someone will love a purple bag.

  3. Doing the class, always fun. A lot of work prepping all the step by step pieces. The tote for the quilt is a fantastic idea. No leftovers!

  4. Beautiful bags!! Is the stitching around the Dresden plate in the bag done by machine? It really looks great.

  5. Your bags are so lovely! I'm sure your students will appreciate all of the work you put in before the class. I admire your organization.

    Great quilt! It'll be a lovely addition to the new home. Great coordinating bag, too. At least you got it done on time, right? Well done!

  6. Beautiful bags. Procrastination and deadlines definitely go together, congratulations on the finish.

  7. Great job on the bags. I also enjoy making them. I even took some to give to the housekeeper who cared for our room when recently on vacation.

    Thanks for linking up with Needlework Tuesday.