Monday, March 13, 2017

Not Spring, Yet

I feel like it should be spring, however, the temperature is -15C today, so not yet. These are the tulips in a pot on my counter. They are a happy dark fuchsia colour, a lovely contrast to the white stuff outside the window.

I finished up some projects, that have been hanging around.

The mosaic scarf that was suppose to be an advent project is finally finished. It needs a blocking to straighten the edges, but it will be great, next winter (please, no more cold weather.)

The bag that was the sample for my bag making class got finished. I figured if I didn't finish it right away, it would be in the nearly complete stage forever.

 It is very purple, even for me. I did add a contrast pocket, on the inside.

I made another pair of baby socks. Baby socks are my favourite gift for a new little person. These ones were completed for someone else, who wanted to gift a pair to a new mom.

I love how the self striping yarn makes two really different socks, because they use so little yarn. this yarn is the greatest unisex yarn. It has a bit of everything.


  1. Tulips in a glorious pink, socks that are so cute, and scarves, all done and ready for colder days next season.

  2. Our spring is starting later this week. I hope your arrives soon.

    Lovely work, as usual. The scarf is gorgeous. Those socks are the cutest! For future pairs, perhaps you put a reference in the photo just so we can see how tiny they are.

  3. Oooo, I LOVE that mosaic scarf!
    We were teased with spring, and now it's very cold with a major snowstorm on the way. I would have been fine with this in January or February but I'm over it now.

  4. Wow......I can't imagine how cold that must be! What cute little socks, I like the unmatched look too. Your scarf is beautiful, and the bag is very......purple.

  5. They are perfect! Love those socks, the colours are amazing. The bags and the scarf all look beautiful. Spring needs to come and soon too.

  6. Those tulips are beautiful. Did you force the bulbs yourself? Of course, I love the scarf and the bag and the socks, too!

  7. super nice socks you have made here :-)

  8. I love finishes and you have a wonderful assortment this week. That scarf is lovely.

    Thanks for linking up with Needlework tuesday.