Wednesday, March 22, 2017

March Madness

I have had one of those weeks, when I feel like I have hardly had a chance to catch my breath. However, I have a few things to show for it.

The ladies from the church Quilting Circle donated another quilt.

This one is a lap quilt and is going to a single woman who just arrived from Syria. I hope it keeps her warm, since today the weather is seriously cold, again.

I have completed the quilting on my Christmas Tree Skirt and I am on to the binding.

I am half way around!

Meanwhile, I got a new phone recently, and my lovely quilted case is the wrong size for the phone.
The case is too short and too wide. That was the last of my favourite Laurel Burch fabric, however, I remembered that I had this in my closet.

This is the purse I made originally, from that fabric. I carried it for about 2 years and the fabric is considerably faded, and the bag is worn in places. However, the pattern was called the X Bag and there is still pristine fabric inside the pockets. I just need to take the bag apart and wash it. So, I did that, and maybe, soon, I will have a phone case that fits the phone. The fabric is already quilted so I just need to cut, sew and bind.

I made a trip to Mad About Patchwork, to buy more interfacing, and this followed me home. It is a linen blend, and I think I know what I will use it for.

Meanwhile, I was at the mall, today, with my delightful grandson and his Mommie, and I came home with this.

 It is a bit hard to read, but all good Canadians will recognize this as a winning Tim Hortons RRRoll Up the RRRim cup. I won a coffee! I am such a cheap date! I was seriously excited.

Meanwhile, for the kitty fans, this is my current baby, dreaming of warmer days.

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  1. How is it the same at your fabric shop, that some fabric apart from what you went for just happened to arrive home too? Love the newest, and a fleecy blanket with one eye on the white fluff.

  2. I love that Laurel Burch fabric too......also made a purse from mine several years ago! We had many coffees at Tim's but didn't get to roll up the rim, so congratulations - a free coffee is a good price. Hello to your current baby, I have a soft spot for ginger kitties.

  3. Oh wow! A contest where you don't have to enter a code online to find out if you won? I remember soda caps used to do that! Are these what my parents referred to as the good old days?

  4. I can relate to new phone problems, too. My arm pocket (to carry my phone on walks/runs) is too small. Likewise, for the zipper pouch in my purse. For now I'm making them work, but can't they just make all phones the same size?

    Great idea to reuse part of the fabric on an old item for a new case.

    Spring is teasing us also. Cold one day, warmer the next. I just want to put my parka away already.

    A free coffee! Lucky you. Seriously, it's better than nothing.

  5. So much to look at here.....but the kitten!! How cute. I had an all-white cat once upon a time. What colour are his eyes?

  6. Great way to recycle your fabric! And the quilting was already done. A bonus!

  7. Kitty fabric? I know is of someone who is looking for some. Your new mobile phone case is looking beautiful, with a bag to match.

  8. Well done on the quilt recycling. of course each new phone has to be a different size or has different plugs so nothing can be re-used easily.

    Thanks for linking up with Needlework Tuesday.