Thursday, October 26, 2017

Packing for Retreat

Yes, it is retreat time again. A weekend of sewing, with my friends, with lots of laughs. The best part is that if someone gets stuck, there are lots of people to help them figure it out.

I have been collecting supplies for the trip. I will be making a couple of bags, so I needed hardware and zippers.

A few years ago, when I first started to make bags in earnest, I looked for a source of zippers. I wanted to buy them in bulk, because $3.50 per zipper was getting a little steep, given how many I use. In addition, they closed the Fabricland near me and the nearest is a 20 minute drive, not on any of my usual routes.  I discover that a company called Zipper Stop sells in Canada, through If you are a Canadian, you know what a hassle getting goods across the border can be, so I normally shop in Canada. However, the prices were in Canadian dollars and customs and duty were included in the price.

I was pleasantly surprised by the service and quality of my zippers , so I have been ordering my bulk zippers from Zipper Stop ever since. I was afraid that my latest batch were not going to make it in time, since they had gotten lost within the shipping system. I went to the mailbox this afternoon and found my parcel of zippers.

These are bright, fun colours, and a box of zipper pulls, so I can change the pulls. The price was about $1/ zipper, shipping included. I have enough to make lots of presents.

I also finished the quilting on my New Brunswick quilt.

I will trim it and take the binding fabric to put on at retreat. Some hand sewing is always good for a break from the machine.

Like the ambulances on the back?

Now I need to cut some fabric, trim the wall hanging, wind some bobbins, and finish packing. I leave bright and early tomorrow.


  1. What a fantastic price for the zips . and you can never have too much when you pack to be away. Enjoy every hour.

  2. ZipperStop is here in the States too--I love them! Great prices, and tremendous selection.

  3. Yes, I DO like the ambulances on the back! Sweet!