Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Thanks, Purolater

I did some on line shopping, the end of last week, and according to the tracking, my parcel was to arrive yesterday, via Purolater. So, I arranged my schedule, to wait at home for the parcel to arrive. At about 1:30 PM, I saw the Purolater truck slow down, then speed away, down the street.

I live in a suburban neighbourhood, with lovely big trees, and garages attached to each house. The original neighbourhood covenants required home owners to park in their garages. Since the houses were built when cars were larger, the garage is quite roomy. So our cars spend their downtime, cozy and dry, in the garage. In the cooler weather, it is not possible to tell if someone is home, without going to the door and ringing the bell.

Lately, we have been having the problem that delivery people assume there is no one home, because there is no car in the drive. Five times now, I have had to call and complain because a parcel has been returned to the depot of a delivery service, listed as no answer, when I have seen the truck go by. I am not saying this is what happened yesterday. When I complained about the truck not stopping, I was told, that sadly, they had put my order on the wrong truck. I find this hard to believe, since the parcels are all bar coded, however, I am stuck waiting for this turkey delivery person again today.

On the upside, I made good progress quilting my New Brunswick wall hanging, while waiting for the delivery. Since New Brunswick is an Atlantic province, I am quilting the blue with kind of random wavy lines, to make it look like water.

I think it looks pretty good. About two more sessions should get it finished.

My 1001 Nights shawl is progressing slowly. I am now at the section where it takes about 120 beads per row. Since they must be added one at a time, it takes over an hour to get across the row,

However, the end is near! Just 26 rows to go!

I was tidying some stuff and found a table runner I made a few years ago. Since I seldom use table runners, I hung it in my kitchen.

I am using a snack clip as a quilt hanger. I might want to think about finding a better hanger.


  1. You now have to wait another day, down here for parcels we have what is called " Track and Trace" and when you log into NZ Post, and enter the tracking number, you can see where the parcel is. It costs a little more, but is so good for valuable items. And you know when it is half way, almost there at the nest postal station,and then delivery. Lovely blue for the water, and wavy lines are perfect for it.

  2. We can track parcels, is very frustrating when your package is taken away again and you have to wait another day, or trek down to the post office to collect it. Your clip isn't beautiful, but it works! I am stuck on a beaded scarf, it's pretty but just a little tedious. Must get it out again.

  3. Hi Kate,
    Love the blue in the quilt, really looks like water. Your shawl is beautiful. Have a great day!

  4. I agree! They do the same here in the GTA. No car in the driveway = no person at home. Ingenious, using the clip as a quilt hanger.

  5. What is the width of your table runner wall hanging?
    I have a lovely hanger which I have never used
    I will see if I can find and depending on the width you need it might work

  6. Love how the shawl is looking. The time spent adding the beads is well worth it, they look great.

    Thanks for linking up with Needlework Tuesday.