Wednesday, November 1, 2017

New Brunswick Finished

I started my New Brunswick wall hanging in July and I am finally finished. It is on its way to its owner in, as you might guess, New Brunswick.

Binding on and complete.

I put the binding and the hanger on at retreat. Thanks to Diane for helping me figure out the hanger.

It is a cold and damp day, again today, so a little smile to end the blog.

The Paw Patrol is keeping us safe from marauding squirrels.


  1. Your quilt looks awesome! Do the squirrel get any peanuts?

  2. Great hangers, New Brunswick, here I come, it is saying, beautiful colours and quilting, and the patrol on watch, what would we do without them. Today we have huge chainsaws working just across the stream from us, felling massive pine trees, and after a tentative look out a window, Boris has retreated to our bedroom and on our bed.After all SAFETY is far better than knowing what's going on over there. I hope to have a video soon.

  3. Well done, It looks great. Thanks for linking up with Needlework Tuesday.